Adobe SiteCatalyst Variables and Query String Parameters

In Adobe SiteCatalyst, query string parameters are used instead of variable names. The following table is a comprehensive list showing all query string parameters with their associated variable and explanation in alphabetical order:

Parameter SiteCatalyst Variable Report(s) Populated Description
AQB None None Indicates the beginning of an image request.
AQE None None Indicates the end of an image request, meaning the request was not truncated.
bh None Browser Height Browser window height (in pixels)
bw None Browser Width Browser window width (in pixels)
c None Monitor Color Depths Color quality (in bits)
c. / .c s.contextData None Everything between c. and .c are contextData variables, which can be used by Processing Rules
c1-c75 s.prop1-s.prop75 All Custom Traffic reports Traffic variables used in custom traffic reporting
cc s.currencyCode None The type of currency used on the site
ce s.charSet None The character encoding of the image request
cdp s.cookieDomainPeriods None Indicates the number of periods in a domain for cookie tracking; manually set.
ch Site Sections The Site Sections variable used in traffic reporting
ct None Connection Types Connection Type (Modem, LAN, etc; can only populate in IE browsers)
events Events reports, all conversion reports The commerce and custom events that occurred on the page; used in conversion reports
g None None The current URL of the page
h1-h5 s.hier1-s.hier5 Hierarchy reports Hierarchy variables; used in traffic reporting
hp None Visitor Home Page (Deprecated) Indicates if current page is browser’s home page (Y or N; can only populate in IE browsers)
j None Javascript Version Shows the current Javascript version installed (generally 1.x)
k None Cookies Are cookies supported in the browser (Y, N or U)
ndh None None Indicates whether the image request originated from JS file (1 or 0)
ns s.visitorNameSpace None Specifies what domain the cookies are set on
oid s.objectID ClickMap Object identifier for last page; used in ClickMap
ot None ClickMap Object tag name for last page; used in ClickMap
p None Netscape Plug-Ins (deprecated) Semicolon delimited browser plug-in names
pageName s.pageName Pages The page’s designated name in reporting
pageType s.pageType Pages Not Found Indicates whether it is a 404 page or not (Either ‘error’ or blank)
pccr None None Only occurs for new visitors; prevents infinite redirects (Always true)
pe s.linkType Exit Links, File Downloads, Custom Links Determines the type of custom link hit fired
pev1 None Exit Links, File Downloads, Custom Links URL the custom link hit occurred on
pev2 None Exit Links, File Downloads, Custom Links Custom link friendly name
pev3 None Legacy video reports (deprecated) Used to track milestones in legacy video reporting; deprecated with v15
pid None ClickMap Page identifier for last page; used in ClickMap
pidt None ClickMap Page identifier type for last page; used in ClickMap
products s.products Products Products variable used in conversion reporting
purchaseID s.purchaseID None Used to deduplicate purchases, preventing revenue inflation
r s.referrer Traffic sources reports Referring URL
s None Monitor Resolutions Screen resolution (width × height)
server s.server Servers The page’s server; used in traffic reporting
state s.state Visitor State Specifies the state as defined by the variable
t None None Browser time information- “[d/m/yyyy]   [hh:mm:ss]  [weekday]  [time zone offset]”
v None JavaScript JavaScript enabled (Y or N)
v0 s.campaign Tracking Codes The campaign variable used in conversion reporting
v1-v50 s.eVar1-s.eVar50 All custom conversion reports Conversion variables used in custom conversion reporting
vid s.visitorID None The visitor’s unique ID
vmk s.vmk None Visitor migration key; used to migrate from third-party to first-party cookies
vvp s.variableProvider None Used in Genesis integrations
xact s.transactionID None The transaction ID used to link online data to offline data
zip Visitor ZIP/Postal Code Determines the zip code as defined by the variable

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