Hardboiled CSS3 Media Queries

Making layouts responsive using CSS3 Media Queries are a big part of the work that I’m doing for the Hardboiled Web Design site in the run up to the book’s launch.

Since I started using Media Queries extensively over the last few months, I’ve revised the queries several times for each project, so it made sense to build a boilerplate to use as a starting point. These hardboiled CSS3 Media Queries are empty placeholders for targeting the devices and attributes I’m interesting in making responsive designs for right now.

They’re part of a wider toolkit that I’ll be releasing at the same time as the book. But for now, you can download and incorporate these override queries at the bottom of your existing CSS files. Download the CSS file

Of course, you might not want all your responsive design styles inside one huge stylesheet. If that’s the case, you can serve alternative stylesheets using the same queries as attributes on your link elements.


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