AngularJS: Project Directory Layout

Here’s one example of a proposed structure: angular-seed project. It is made by the AngularJS team and includes lots of good things like tests and places for all the essential parts:

  • app/ – all of the files to be used in production
    • css/ – css files
    • img/ – image files
    • index.html – app layout file (the main html template file of the app)
    • js/ – javascript files
      • app.js – application
      • controllers.js – application controllers
      • directives.js – application directives
      • filters.js – custom angular filters
      • services.js – custom angular services
    • lib/ – angular and 3rd party javascript libraries
    • partials/ – angular view partials (partial html templates)
  • config/ – config files for running unit tests with Testacular/Karma
  • scripts/ – handy shell/js/ruby scripts (run unit tests and dev server)
  • test/ – test source files and libraries

However, as your project grows, you’ll add tons and tons of code into controllers, services and directives. Using a file for each of these areas steers you into a direction where you’ll end up with “piles on the floor” – you know your AccountListController is somewhere in the Controllers pile, but it will take you a while to find it. In other words, angular-seed packages your code by layers. Here’s a place for all controllers, here’s a place for data services, etc.

You can make it more usable by using sub-directories for controllers, and so on:

  • controllers/
    • LoginController.js
    • RegistrationController.js
    • AccountListController.js
    • SearchResultsController.js
  • directives.js
  • filters.js
  • services/
    • CartService.js
    • UserService.js
    • AccountService.js

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