Transpiler: Start using ES6/7 with Babel

Browser support for ES6 is growing, but to be sure your code will work on environments that dont fully support it, you can use Babel, the ES6/7 to ES5 transpiler, try it out!

If you would like to use ES6/7 in your projects without having to worry about compatibility, you can use Node and Babel CLI.

A nice compact intro about the supported ES6 features, check it out: Learn ES6

Quick setup of a project with Babel for ES6/7 support:
  1. Download and install Node
  2. Go to a folder and create a project using your favourite command line tool

  1. Install Babel CLI

  1. Create a scripts folder to store your .js files, and then a dist/scripts folder where the transpiled fully compatible files will be stored.
  2. Create a .babelrc file in the root folder of your project, and write this on it

  1. Edit your package.json file (created when you ran npm init) and add the build script to the scripts property:

  1. Enjoy programming in ES6/7
  2. Run the following to transpile all your files to ES5

For more complex projects you might want to take a look at Gulp or Webpack

Useful links about ES6: