CSS3 Rotate Property in IE

Below IE9, Internet Explorer has effectively zero inbuilt support for CSS3 or any other standard web technologies such as SVG that would allow you to rotate text cross platform as you wish. Microsoft have included two ways of rotating elements (eg text) since IE6, however the more simple method only works in increments on 90 […]

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CSS for Webkit only: Filter for Chrome and Safari

To target only webkit, which includes Google and Safari, encompass all the CSS that you want to use just to target Webkit in the following @media block:

Put the above code anywhere in your CSS file. The other browsers will read the rest, but only webkit reads the -webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio of the declaration, and therefore […]

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Understanding CSS3 Gradients

Creating an image only for the purpose of displaying a gradient is inflexible, and is quickly becoming a bad practice. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, they very well might still be required, but hopefully not for much longer. Thanks to Firefox and Safari/Chrome, we can now create powerful gradients with minimal effort. In […]

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