jQuery Access Internal Event-related Data through _data() method

jQuery internally stores and maintains the list of events which was attached or detached from DOM elements. Meanwhile, jQuery data mechanism jQuery._data() – the “undocumented” method – which allow us to access the jQuery internal event-related data structure. As of jQuery 1.8, the event data is no longer available from the “public API” for data. […]

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JQueryTOOLS: Detect Scroll direction in Scrollable

jQuery Tools is a collection of the most important user interface components for the web. These are tabs, accordions, tooltips, overlays, exposing effects and scrollables. They can dramatically improve the usability and responsiveness of your site. They mainly focus on presenting information and visual appeal. After all, this is exactly what most websites desperately want: […]

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jQuery Tips & Tricks Collections

1. Dom Ready Method

2. Create new element As of jQuery 1.4, we can now pass an object as the second parameter of the jQuery function. This is helpful when we need to insert new elements into the DOM.

3. AJAX Methods load(): Load a piece of html into a container DOM. $.get(): […]

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jQuery Detect Out-of-Bounds Clicks with Event.target

In jQuery, event.target always refers to the element that triggered the event, where ‘event’ is the parameter passes to the function. event.target represents DOM object and is able to access all its properties or attributes that has a value.

Note also that this will also work, it represnts a DOM element rather than a […]

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