Build HTML Tables From MySQL Tables with PHP


The CSS I’m styling the table with is as basic as it gets — style as you wish! The PHP / MySQL

The first step in the process is accessing all of the tables within the database. Once all tables have been fetched, the next step is to loops through the […]

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Create a Zip File Using PHP

Creating .ZIP archives using PHP can be just as simple as creating them on your desktop. PHP’s ZIP class provides all the functionality you need! To make the process a bit faster for you, I’ve coded a simple create_zip function for you to use on your projects. The PHP

Sample Usage

The function […]

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PHP Headers and Popular Mime Types

Create a Basic Web Service Using PHP, MySQL, XML, and JSON illustrates, even though a file’s extension ends in PHP, you can still tell the browser that you’re outputting a different content type. Here are a few of the more popular content types used on the internet. Atom



JPEG Image […]

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Mysql/Mysqli Connection Test under Wamp (SQL Safe Mode)

To test mysql/mysqli connection of localhost, we will save the php script below as name phpmysql.php, and then place to the root localhost and run in browser:

But there is issue as below mysql_connect(): SQL safe mode in effect – ignoring host/user/password information in [path]/adodb- on line 339 It is because that if […]

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PHP Simple Browser Detection from WordPress

The php script below is grabbed from WordPress and modified the global variable $userAgent as array for customising

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