Simplest jQuery Slideshow & Plugin

HTML and CSS The HTML was very straightforward: a DIV with some IMGs in it.

In thinking about the CSS, I decided to just lock all the images into the same place using absolute positioning.

jQuery Slideshow Now to think about the slideshow. First, I knew that I’d want to hide all the […]

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Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, Select Lists, Custom HTML Form Elements

Have you ever wanted to use your own images for checkboxes, radio buttons or select lists? This script will let you do that. Easily. The unobtrusive script gracefully degrades, so if JavaScript is disabled, normal form input objects appear instead of your customized elements. This works flawlessly in Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 7, Opera and […]

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JQueryTOOLS Tooltips ‘Layout’ Configuration


Reference: Introduction to jQuery tools Tooltip basics

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