Magento: Disable ‘Compare Product Box’ and ‘Recently Viewed Box’ on Right Column

Comment out / Delete the following two lines Find “app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/reports.xml” (line 27)

Find “app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/catalog.xml” (line 53)

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jQuery Tips & Tricks Collections

1. Dom Ready Method

2. Create new element As of jQuery 1.4, we can now pass an object as the second parameter of the jQuery function. This is helpful when we need to insert new elements into the DOM.

3. AJAX Methods load(): Load a piece of html into a container DOM. $.get(): […]

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jQuery Detect Out-of-Bounds Clicks with

In jQuery, always refers to the element that triggered the event, where ‘event’ is the parameter passes to the function. represents DOM object and is able to access all its properties or attributes that has a value.

Note also that this will also work, it represnts a DOM element rather than a […]

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How to Get a YouTube Video Screenshot Image (Thumbnail) URL using JavaScript

Basically you just have to take the v=ladlfasd parameter and put it in this url:

Where it is 2.jpg for small, 0.jpg for large The javascript function:

You can pass a YouTube video URL or video id and the function will return a path to the video image. The second function argument is […]

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Scope Problems with JavaScript setInterval & setTimeout

Suppose, you have created a global function which is to be fired periodically. In simple JS, it can be written as

This works perfectly well. Here the function “timer()” is at a window level and has global scope. So no issues so far. However, to clean up the code, if you follow any of […]

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HTML Tips: Force IE jump out compatibility mode (Intranet environment)

Resource from: Override intranet compatibility mode IE8 If you are using the wonderful boilerplate by Paul Irish then you will have something like the following:-

This will NOT work as expected and force in IE into compatibility mode in an Intranet environment if you have the “Display intranet sites in compatibility view” checked. You […]

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